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Who Ran over Colleen Kelly Alexander: The Story Behind


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Things changed for good in October 2011 for Colleen Kelly Alexander when she was run over by a truck. The horrific accident did not only bring in physical damage but also ignited a deep journey of recovery, resilience, and advocacy. Her story is one more about the indomitable strength of the human spirit put against overwhelming odds rather than the accident itself. Below, information will be found on that fateful day, who ran her over, Colleen Kelly Alexander, and how she changed her life to inspire many people ever since. In looking at her story, with all the happenings, we are able to see the power of not quitting and how one person really can make a difference in this world by just pushing through incredible hardship.

Who Ran Over Colleen Kelly Alexander?

In October 2011, Colleen Kelly Alexander was run over by a truck driven by an employee from a local delivery company. She had just left work to cycle home when the crash happened. With various broken bones, internal damage, and sundry other serious injuries, she nonetheless survived. Her strength in overcoming her experience inspired countless people, which she shared in her story of recovery and advocacy for trauma survivors and road safety.

The Day of the Accident

On October 8, 2011, Colleen Kelly Alexander was biking home from work, feeling refreshed by the autumn air. She had been a seasoned cyclist, fully conversant with the precautions it took to pass through busy streets. She was crossing an intersection when a truck from a local delivery company turned without seeing her. The impact was inevitable.

She was hit with such force that she was pulled under the vehicle. The accident caused multiple fractures, severe internal injuries, and a significant loss of blood. Emergency responders rushed to the scene, and Colleen was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition.

The doctors weren’t sure if she would make it through the night. She had to endure many surgeries to repair the damage. Indeed, it was an overwhelming recovery process with months of rehab and physical therapy. Their determination never faltered in front of a great amount of physical and emotional pain.

It was not just the healing process of her body but also acceptance in her life-changing experience. Colleen’s story became very influential in terms of inspiration and advocacy. She continued sharing experiences to spread road safety and the importance of resilience when everything seems to be against you.

The Driver and Legal Proceedings

Identifying the Driver: The truck that hit her belonged to a local delivery service. It was discovered that the driver had become distracted just as he was making the turn, making it so that he did not see Colleen.

Legal Actions Taken: The driver and the delivery company were charged following the accident. The case was mainly based on negligence and the failure to take safety measures for cyclists on the road. Colleen and her family did not fight for the accident but for a change in the policies of the road’s safety.

Court Rulings and Settlements: The court case received broad media attention, highlighting the dangers to bicyclists and the need for stricter regulations. He was found guilty of negligence, and a settlement was granted that provided the necessary financial support for Colleen due to her ongoing medical care and rehabilitation.

Impact on Road Safety Policies: Her case changed the policies relating to road safety forever. Her case brought sensitization and stricter rules for commercial drivers to be vigilant and watch out for vulnerable road users, including cyclists.

Advocacy Work of Colleen: The accident promptly turned Colleen into an advocate who has since worked either directly or indirectly with organizations interested in improving cycling infrastructure and educating drivers to share the road. Her efforts have created safer conditions for cyclists to navigate and greater understanding of their plight.

Inspiring Others Through Advocacy

  • Equally important in the story of Colleen Kelly Alexander was not just her own recovery but a story of inspiration and advocacy. Her experience brought out the relevance of road safety and systemic changes for safeguarding cyclists and pedestrians. Through public speaking, she has been able to tell her story to hundreds of people, inspiring many with hope and beckoning them on in their own struggles.
  • Colleen’s advocacy is much broader now than just road safety. She has turned into a spokesperson for survivors of trauma, telling stories of resilience and the human spirit. Her story has been featured in most forms of media, and she wrote a book about the experience.
  • This is the clear message Colleen conveys: that no matter what getting in life’s way, one can overcome and make a difference in this world. From her efforts, awareness has been created, and policies have changed to guarantee a measure of safety on the roads for all. By sharing her story, Colleen continues to inspire others to persevere and fight for changes they want to see.

The Lasting Impact of Colleen Kelly Alexander’s Story

Colleen’s Continued Advocacy

Colleen remains engaged in road safety and trauma awareness. Through these organizations, she has compassionately provided countless hours of work to achieve tangible policy changes and increase awareness regarding the necessity of road safety measures.

Community Support and Engagement

She has built an army of people who believe in her resilience. She engages with them through social media, public speaking, and her book, nurturing a network of difference-makers.

Personal Reflections and Future Goals

But this journey has definitely given Colleen a different view of life now. She reflects on her experiences with so much gratitude and renewed purpose. One of her future goals is to continue the advocacy work, plan for expansion, and reach more people.

The Power of Sharing Stories

Colleen’s story is the epitome of sharing personal experiences. By being open, she could demystify others’ feelings of loneliness in their problems and motivate them to share their stories. This has had an empirical effect on people in a way, through support and empowerment.

Forward Again

Colleen’s story is that of the human spirit’s resilience. Her continued journey to share her story herself, still inspires others, and her tale shall shine through as one of hope and a beacon of light to many. She afterward carried on with her activist work to ensure her experiences brought about positive change in others and inspired them to press on.


Who ran over Colleen Kelly Alexander is not the story of the accident but one of resilience and strength post-accident. That one fateful day of the tragic accident, Colleen’s journey to today—being an advocate and inspiration for many—echoes more of a human capacity for recovery and transformation. Her work has tremendously changed the policies related to road safety and has given hope to so many people in their plight. Colleen’s story testifies to the power of perseverance and the influence one person can have on the world at large.


Q. Who is Colleen Kelly Alexander?

A. Colleen Kelly Alexander is an American trauma survivor, memoir author, and road safety/trauma awareness advocate. She survived a horrific accident in 2011 when she was run over by a truck. 

Q. What happened to Colleen Kelly Alexander in 2011?

A. October 2011: She was run over by a truck while she was on her way home from work on her bicycle. She suffered multiple injuries and had to undergo several surgeries with aggressive rehab.

Q. Who ran Colleen Kelly Alexander over?

A. The truck that ran over Colleen belonged to a local delivery company. The driver of the truck was charged with negligence based on legal proceedings that followed upon his actions.

Q. In what capacity has Colleen Kelly Alexander helped in raising awareness about road safety?

A. She has now become a road safety advocate. In collaboration with different organizations working towards the betterment of cycling infrastructure and creating awareness amongst drivers at the forefront, she has been involved in policy change.

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