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What Is The Weather Like In Charlotte, NC, In November: What To Expect


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Introduction Charlotte, North Carolina, is a place where Southern hospitality combines with modern amenities. With November just about a month away, most people ask the question of genuine interest: “What is the weather like in Charlotte, NC, in November?” The real question that a keen visitor or a resident will want to have answered well in advance is for planning activities or to satisfy their inquiring mind on the change in season simply. November in Charlotte is a beautiful time of year when fall turns into winter with mild and cool temperatures, suitable for different outdoor activities. We will discuss, in this all-inclusive coverage, the typical weather patterns of Charlotte during November: what temperatures to battle, how much rainfall happens during the month, and more.

What’s the weather like in Charlotte, NC in November?

The weather is rather mild to cool during November in Charlotte, NC. The temperature usually reaches the mid-50s to low 70s °F during the day and in the 40s °F at night. Anything in between would be considered a normal amount of rainfall. Still, it is, all in all, an amenable period to walk around the city and enjoy outdoors.

General Overview of November Weather in Charlotte

November is one of Charlotte’s prettiest months. It is during this month that there begins a gradual development of warmth from autumn days into cold winter days. It’s an excellent time to visit the city for sightseeing, outdoor activities, and indulging in Southern charm.

During the day, the temperature in Charlotte will most likely linger from the mid-50s to low 70s °F. These are ideal temperatures for outside activities such as hiking, going to the parks, or just walking around while seeing many of the attractions. There is a lot of fall foliage that remains, so it adds a nice scenic touch to any activity.

Temperatures can easily slide into the 40s °F at night. While this means calling for light jackets or sweaters to warm up with during this season, it can also be great for those kinds of evening activities like dinner out or going to events. The nights are clear and cool—just perfect for star-gazing or quiet walks.

The precipitation in Charlotte during November is only moderate, and one can occasionally expect a shower. These are normally very short and will not affect too much in your plans. It might be a good idea to always have an umbrella or a raincoat at hand.

Humidity in November is rather low; the air is fresher and more comfortable to breathe. This surely provides relief compared to the higher levels of moisture that are evident in summer. Lower humidity probably also made way for clearer skies, adding to the beauty of this city during that period.

Generally, the month of November is a great time to be in Charlotte as it boasts of several days with lukewarm temperatures and cool nights. There is much to appreciate in this beautiful Southern city, whether one is a resident or a visitor.

Elaborate Weather Patterns in November

Daytime Temperatures

The daytime temperatures are generally mild and comfortable throughout November. They typically range from the mid-50s to the low 70s in degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures are perfect for being outdoors and getting to explore the city. You can have a great time walking through the parks, visiting outdoor attractions, or sitting around and enjoying the beautiful fall scenery of the very great city of Charlotte.

Nighttime Temperatures

The temperatures can easily fall to the 40s °F at night in November. One should wear warm clothes when going out in the evening. A light jacket or sweater might be adequate to keep a person comfortable in such weather. Moreover, the cool temperature makes for a very nice evening where one can enjoy something warm then spend time with loved ones inside.


November is reasonably a wet time for Charlotte. Though it’s a wet month, rain usually intervenes and typically doesn’t affect day-to-day activities. It’s always a good idea to carry an umbrella or raincoat for precautionary measures. The rain brings an invigorating feel to the lovely atmosphere of the city.

Humidity Levels

November is quite a dry month for humidity levels in Charlotte. The air can, therefore, appear quite clean, and it could be seen as fresh compared to the high levels of humidity seen across the summer months. With less humidity, there will be fewer clouds, so there is also an increase in the chance of getting out into the fresh, clean air on clearer and sunnier days.

Wind and Weather Variability

Wind speeds in Charlotte during November are pretty mild and usually just add a breeze to the nice weather. The weather may turn out to be a bit variable, temperature fluctuations are not excluded, and rain showers can pass through at times. Nevertheless, it is still nice with comfortable temperatures that make it possible to get out and enjoy various activities.

Why Visit Charlotte in November?

November is the best time to visit Charlotte when the weather is tranquil, the scenery is beautiful during fall, and a variety of activities exist. The city will be less crowded compared to the peak summer months, so one can have a relaxed and enjoyable visit. Here are some reasons why you should consider visiting Charlotte in November:

  • Mild Weather: The weather is great for exploring the city without the extreme summer heat or the cold of winter. Thus, this provides an ideal time for outdoor activities and sightseeing.
  • Fall Scenery: The fall foliage in Charlotte often sticks around till November, thus providing a picturesque setting for any activity. With the leaves flashing colorful hues, it enhances the charm of the city, and you get beautiful photo opportunities.
  • Festivals and Events: November is a great time to participate in the numerous local festivals and events. On any given day, Charlotte will host a food festival or even a cultural celebration. Most such events permit interaction with the locals and are generally a lot of fun.
  • Less Crowded: With fewer tourists as compared to the summer months of the year, November offers a more relaxed and enjoyable experience in your outing within the city. You can explore the different places of attraction without too long lines and crowds that make the visit unpleasant.
  • Affordable Travel: Most of the time, November falls in that time frame of the year when the cost of travel and accommodation is pretty low compared to peak seasons. If you desire to come to the city, not make a dent in your pocket, and yet experience the real feel, then this is the time to come.

Best Activities to Enjoy Charlotte’s November Weather

Visit Local Parks: The November weather in Charlotte, ranging from mid-50s to low 70s °F, is certainly more suitable for parks. Freedom Park and Romare Bearden Park have scenic trails and spots for picnics that are perfect for spending the day with family. As the leaves drop, a beautiful backdrop sets for having a leisurely stroll or simply relaxing during the afternoon.

Sightseeing in Uptown Charlotte: Activities and attractions abound in Uptown Charlotte, perfect for this mild November weather. Check out the Levine Center for the Arts area, Bechtler Museum, and Mint Museum. The comfortable temperature will make walking around more enjoyable, as well as peering at street art and enjoying outdoor dining at local restaurants.

Catch a Sporting Event: It’s just the month of November that sports aficionados would love to be in Charlotte. Catch an NFL game with the Carolina Panthers or get a feel of the NBA action with the Charlotte Hornets. The weather is cool, so whether you are going to be sweater-weather-cheering in the stands or having a great time in the electric atmosphere, it will be comfortable.

Enjoy Great Food: November in Charlotte shows the most variety of culinary scenes. The weather is beautiful, and most of the restaurants are outdoors, providing you a good chance to enjoy dinner with your loved ones. Visit farmers’ markets such as Davidson Farmers Market for fresh seasonal produce and some exquisite crafted products.

Attend a Festival: November is the month full of so many festivals focused on food, drink, music, and culture in Charlotte. This is the time for the Queen City Brewers Festival or the Charlotte International Arts Festival. It is a wonderful day outdoors all day, sampling brews and being entertained by the live performances.

Discover Historic Places: The mild November weather in Charlotte is much more conducive to visiting historical attractions like the Historic Rosedale Plantation and the Charlotte Museum of History. Join walking tours around historic neighborhoods, explore Victorian-type homes, and get to know more about the history of this city.

Bottom Line

With spring-like weather and the beauty of fall colors, November is typically delightful in Charlotte, NC—major reasons to engage in activities designed to appeal to both visitors and residents alike in this lovely Southern city. From exploring local parks and exciting festivals to taste-testing the local cuisine, through November, there is always something going on that will keep visitors busy in Uptown Charlotte. Therefore, if one has the thought “What is the weather like in Charlotte, NC, in November?” then it would definitely be the best time to come and experience the cream of this vibrant city.


Q. What is the average temperature in Charlotte, NC, during November?

A. The temperature, on average, during the daytime can range from the mid-50s to low 70s °F; it could reach the 40s °F at night.

Q. How is Charlotte, NC, for the November month concerning rain?

A. November has occasional rainfalls with medium intensity. The rain, however, wouldn’t influence your usual activities hugely.

Q. Is November ok to visit Charlotte, NC?

A. Yes, this can be one of the better times to go and see Charlotte. The weather is mild, the fall season is very nice and the crowds are smaller than in summer.

Q. What should I pack if I go to Charlotte, NC, in November?

A. Pack layers, which will include a light jacket or sweater for the cooler evenings, and be prepared for occasional rain with an umbrella or raincoat.

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