How Safe Is Charlotte, NC? Safety Insights & Tips

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a vibrant metropolitan city with a lot of rich history, cultural spots, and an economic boom. Having been rated as...

How Much Is Overnight Parking At Charlotte Airport? An Ultimate Guide    

While planning your trip, one of the most essential decisions you will have to make is where to park your car, especially if you...

What Zone Is Charlotte, NC? Learn About Local Gardening Guide

Charlotte is one of North Carolina's—and the South's—most culturally vibrant, demographically diverse, and made-up landscapes. When it comes down to gardening and landscaping success,...

Who Ran over Colleen Kelly Alexander: The Story Behind

Things changed for good in October 2011 for Colleen Kelly Alexander when she was run over by a truck. The horrific accident did not...

What Is The Weather Like In Charlotte, NC, In November: What To Expect

Introduction Charlotte, North Carolina, is a place where Southern hospitality combines with modern amenities. With November just about a month away, most people ask...

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