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How Much Is Overnight Parking At Charlotte Airport? An Ultimate Guide    


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While planning your trip, one of the most essential decisions you will have to make is where to park your car, especially if you are flying out from a busy airport such as Charlotte Douglas International Airport. For many a traveler, overnight parking is destined to go with much stress and confusion in finding convenience, safety, and pocket-friendliness. Being one of the very busy American airports, Charlotte Airport provides various parking solutions to meet diverse travelers’ needs. Whether you’re embarking on a short business trip or a long vacation, understanding the cost and options for overnight parking can save you time, money, and hassle. This article will provide you with all the necessary information about overnight parking at Charlotte Airport, helping you make an informed decision that suits your travel plans and budget.

How Much Is Overnight Parking At Charlotte Airport?

Overnight parking rates at Charlotte Airport range from as low as $7 up to $35 daily, depending on the facility. Choices range from hourly, daily, long-term, and even valet parking—to emphasize being tailored for different needs in budgets and convenience.

Overnight Parking Options At Charlotte Airport: Detailed Overview

Charlotte Douglas International Airport has various parking options to help accommodate and serve its clients based on varied needs and budgets. Knowing what they are will let you choose the most appropriate for your journey. The airport’s parking facilities are very convenient and secure for any kind of traveler.

First, there is the Hourly Deck, which is perfect for short-term parking. Situated right near the terminal, it costs $20 for the first 24 hours and $24 for every additional day. This is good for those who want to be able to drop someone off or pick up quickly or for those who need to park for a day or less.

Another alternative is the Daily Deck, which offers an overnight parking option at a more reasonable rate. It’s a little farther away from the terminal than the Hourly Deck, although it is still within walking distance. This deck is newly popular among travelers who need to park for a few days.

For those who have planned their trip for a longer period, Long Term Lots can be the thing needed. As with this lot, the lowest daily rate is $7 per day. These are farther from the terminal; however, the airport runs a free shuttle to and from these lots, making them convenient without the high cost.

The most convenient—and most expensive—is Valet Parking at $35 per day. This allows fliers to drop off the car directly at the terminal and leave the parking part up to someone else. That is the option for people for whom convenience trumps price.

Finally, off-site lots offer rival pricing and airport shuttles. The facilities prove convenient, especially during peak travel periods when on-site parking might be filled.

On-Site Parking Options Compared

1. Hourly Deck:

The Hourly Deck is great during short-term parking. This lot is located beside the terminal, thus very convenient for short visits or picking up passengers. Rates for the first 24 hours are $20, increasing $4 to $24 for every additional day. For those who want to park only for a short period, this deck will be perfect.

2. Daily Deck:

It is the daily deck, which means a point halfway between cost and convenience. Priced at $12 per day and featuring more cost-effective overnight parking that is relatively close to the terminal, it is preferred by business people and travelers on short to medium-length trips.

3. Long Term Lots:

For long-term trips, the best deals are from Long Term Lots. They offer the lowest daily rate at $7 a day. Of course, these lots are farthest from the terminal, but they provide a free shuttle which will help or facilitate travelers going to and from the airport. This is a very cost-effective solution for long-term parking.

4. Valet Parking:

Valet Parking is the most hassle-free and the costliest option, at $35 per day. Travelers can drop off their car right by the terminal’s entrance and have it parked. Only travelers willing to fork out the premium dollars will indeed opt for this.

5. Off-site Parking:

There are off-site parking facilities around the airport with competitive rates and free shuttle service. These can be excellent alternatives, especially when traveling during peak times when on-site lots are filled up. Prices and services vary, so comparing different off-site options would be useful.

Supplementary Tips And Information

When planning for overnight parking at Charlotte Airport, there are several tips and pieces of information that can enhance your experience and potentially save you money. First and foremost, consider booking your parking spot in advance. Many parking facilities, both on-site and off-site, offer discounts for reservations. By securing your spot early, you can avoid the stress of finding parking during peak travel times and benefit from lower rates. Additionally, booking allows you to choose the most convenient and cost-effective option for your needs.

Another important tip is to take advantage of loyalty programs and discounts. Frequent travelers can benefit significantly from loyalty programs offered by parking facilities. These programs often provide discounted rates, free parking days, and other perks for repeat customers. Additionally, look out for coupons and promotional codes available on the airport’s official website or through third-party parking services. These discounts can add up to significant savings, especially for long-term parking.

Lastly, consider the security and convenience features of the parking facility you choose. While cost is an important factor, ensuring the safety of your vehicle is paramount. Look for parking lots that offer robust security measures such as surveillance cameras, gated entries, and 24/7 staff presence. For added convenience, many facilities provide amenities like covered parking, luggage assistance, and electric vehicle charging stations. By choosing a parking option that balances cost, security, and convenience, you can have peace of mind and focus on enjoying your trip.

Looking Into Off-Site Alternatives For Parking

While on-site parking at the Charlotte Airport provides convenience, off-site facilities will give you much more bang for your buck and sometimes offer added amenities. Many of the lots have very competitive rates, which can be quite attractive to budget-minded travelers. In addition to their value, many off-site lots offer added services, such as car washes or oil changes, so you can return to a well-maintained vehicle after your trip.

Another benefit associated with off-site parking includes the flexibility they offer. Many off-site lots offer 24-hour shuttle services, so you have no problem getting to the airport any time of the day, regardless of when your flight departs. This particularly helps if you are flying out in the early morning or late at night.

From a security point of view, a credible off-site parking facility usually has strong security measures in place for the overall safety of the vehicle. This may include surveillance cameras, gated entries, and 24/7 staffing. All these efforts would ensure your vehicle is safe until you return. Moreover, pre-booking off-site parking sometimes brings extra discounts and makes it very affordable.


There are various options that one can use for overnight parking at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Each option has its benefits and associated costs. Knowing your options—whether you opt for the convenience of valet parking, economy lots, or competitive off-site facilities—can empower you to make the best decision for your travel. Advanced planning joined with rate comparisons and weighing priorities can get you a great start off the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does It Cost To Park Overnight At Charlotte Airport?

Overnight parking at Charlotte Airport ranges from $7 to $35 per day, depending on the parking option chosen. The Long Term Lots offer the lowest rates, while Valet Parking is the most expensive.

2. Where Can I Find The Cheapest Overnight Parking At Charlotte Airport?

The Long Term Lots provides the cheapest overnight parking at Charlotte Airport, costing $7 per day. These lots are a bit farther from the terminal but include a free shuttle service.

3. Is There A Free Shuttle Service From All Parking Lots To The Terminal At Charlotte Airport?

Yes, Charlotte Airport provides a free shuttle service from the Long Term Lots and other more distant parking facilities to the terminal. The shuttles run frequently to accommodate travelers.

4. Can I Reserve An Overnight Parking Spot At Charlotte Airport In Advance?

Yes, you can reserve a parking spot in advance at Charlotte Airport through the airport’s official website or various third-party parking services. Booking ahead can secure your spot and potentially save you money.

5. Are There Any Additional Services Available With Overnight Parking At Charlotte Airport?

Yes, some parking options, especially Valet Parking, offer additional services such as car washes and maintenance. Off-site parking facilities also often provide services like car detailing and oil changes.

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